Guts & Glory

It’s high time we honored the ballsy Bozeman rippers who put the rest of us wannabes to shame—those plucky men and women who climb higher, run farther, and generally just go bigger and better than everyone else. And so we bring you the Outside Bozeman Guts & Glory Contest, where we bow and make due obeisance to those bona fide outdoor badasses who go where few, if any, have gone before. So it is written, so it shall be done—the inaugural honoree is Todd Peroni, who wins the Cocojonés award (male version) for going airborne over Dailey Lake this past spring. Yes, it takes cullions the size of coconuts to lift oneself 40 feet off the deck in high wind; Todd, we bow before you. Runner-up is [Some Kid] who, at [age], routinely launches himself off bike jumps at speeds and distances that would make Evel Knievel cringe. Got a photo of a kick-ass feat, or know somebody who does? Send to [email protected].