Bronze Ticket Giveaway

Spring’s here, and summer’s right around the corner—which means warm temps and bright sunshine. Is your winter-white skin ready for it? We’re guessing not—which is why we’re giving away a pile of gift cards to Malibu Tan so you can build a protective base instead of smearing yourself with SPF 50 all summer long. Want a nice, relaxing session—or two, or ten—in a warm, cozy tanning bed? How about a quick spray-tan before that upcoming beach or desert trip?

Submit a photo of your pasty, unprepared epidermis (or your friends) or the adverse effects of the sun on your skin in the past. Don't have a photo, but the memory is burned into your mind? Tell us about it. 

We’ll reward the top 20 entries with gift cards—and the better the photo or description, the bigger the gift card. Butt-white or ruby red, we want to see it.

Image by
Isla Friebe