Best Gear Garage

Got a gear garage—or shed, room, closet, alcove, whatever—that’s the envy of all your friends? So well-stocked, well-organized, and well-appointed that it brings a smile to your face every time you enter? Maybe sometimes you don’t even go outside, you just stare at that glorious stockpile, beer in hand, and call it good? Well it’s high time you were rewarded for your accumulative and organizational efforts. Send us photos—of camping gear piled high, bikes on racks, backpacks on rungs, skis leaning in the corner, snowshoes on the wall, maybe a climbing rack dangling from a doorknob—and we’ll reward the best shots with even more gear to pile into that burgeoning bunker. As you can imagine, we’re partial to pegboard; but fancy panels and bamboo benches are fine, too—as long as the gear, and the room, looks well-used. Submit your entries below; deadline for submissions is November 1. Good luck, and may the best gearhead win.