Best Blisterfest

best blister contest
photo courtesy North Bennett

Turns out, our managing editor isn't the only one with soft feet 'round here. Look at these poor doggies! No doubt, many of you were in pockmarked pain this summer, but the title of Best Blisterfest goes to North Bennett—it's hard to compete with those oysters. North was in fourth place at the Baldy Blitz, and though he felt rocks in his shoes, he didn't want to risk losing time pulling over. A few miles later, he conceded to the pain and removed his shoes, only to discover that what he thought were pebbles were actually impressive-sized abscesses on the pads of his feet. He sucked it up for the finish, but couldn't run for a week after. Congrats North, we love the output. Now come get your prize—a stroll through the Treasure Chamber, brimming with gear, apparel, and other outdoor accessories.