Best Blisterfest

blister, contest

O/B managing editor's soft spring feet didn't do well on a spring ski tour.

Summer is here and we know you’ll be running, hiking, and backpacking for a solid three months straight. We also know that this will inevitably result in some of those annoying abrasions that generate from the depths of a sweaty sock. Let's face it, not every hot spot is gonna get taped in time. But you Bozemanites are a hardy bunch, so why not celebrate it? We therefore introduce our next contest: Best Blisterfest. We want photos of your nastiest, deepest, and most infected abscesses. Include a funny caption or a story of how you got it. The uglier, the better—worst blister (or blisters) will be rewarded with swag from the O/B Treasure Chamber and 15 minutes of fame in our fall issue. Which is a pretty good prize for those poor little feetsies.