Arch Enemies

Once again, things have gone too far. Ranch arches: these once-functional livestock gates have morphed into self-adulatory symbols of excess, ego, and erectile dysfunction. Yep, the rich-guy arch is spreading quickly through the outskirts of Bozeman and beyond. People who have them obviously want to be noticed—so let's notice them, shall we?

arch enemies contest, rich bozeman

We hereby present Arch Enemies, our latest photo contest. Send us images of the most ostentatious, ugly, absurd arches around. The bigger, the better. The more ludicrous, the better. The more pointless (e.g., no fence on either side of arch), the better. Those who submit the most asinine arches get to grab a handful of swag from the O/B Treasure Chamber. So snap those photos and send 'em in, folks—let's highlight the worst arch enemies of southwest Montana.