Bozeman Area Hosts New Cycling Team

A new cycling team begins its inaugural season this year, and orange and blue jerseys will start replacing those ever-so-popular U.S. Postal Service tops—on the roads around Bozeman and at races throughout the Northwest.

After watching teams sprout up in Missoula and the Flathead Valley, a group of ex-MSU racers and some friends decided that the bicycle-racing community in Bozeman needed some strengthening—or a formal beginning for that matter. Consequently, the Gallatin Alpine Sports / Heritage Homes Cycling Team will commence its season this spring and travel throughout the Northwest racing during the summer.

The team is affiliated with the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club (GVBC), but wanted to create a niche group more focused on racing, says team member Alex Lussier. And, while racing may be a priority, team members said they also want to give back to the public. “We want to increase enthusiasm in the community for bicycling,” explains Lussier, “but we also want to race for the community.” Events already planned for the team are a Habitat for Humanity building day on March 26th and the Bohart Bash Mountain Bike Race on July 23rd.

Currently, the team has six core members—Dave Hill, Aaron Johnson, Alex Lussier, Brad Morgan, Blake Wiedenheft, and John Winnie—but they are maintaining an open-door policy and welcome anyone interested in cycling to contact them. “We want the team to be as big as possible,” says member Aaron Johnson. “And, hopefully one day we can see a women’s team too, so that we have two core groups representing the Bozeman area.”

For info, email the GAS/HH Cycling Team at [email protected]