Aged to Perfection

Forget Hugh Heffner and the Playboy Mansion, Bozeman has its very own calendar of “the girls next door.” A local group of friends and Nordic skiers conceptualized a “pin-up” calendar of women athletes from the region over dinner one evening; their goal was to raise funds for the proposed Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) “snowfill” project and to honor their dear friend Hedvig Rappe-Flowers, a local mom, artist, and Nordic skier who is battling breast cancer.

Aged to Perfection is a beautiful and poignant collection of women enjoying their dearest outdoor activity or passion in life, all without the mask of clothing. Megan Ault, one organizer of the calendar, states, “The ‘calendar girls’ concept isn’t new, but we started talking about all of the amazing women athletes we have in our community, from 20 years old to 80, and how it would be easy to put together a pretty inspiring calendar of our own.”

All proceeds from the calendars go toward the GVLT, which is working cooperatively with the Bozeman Parks Department and other parties to develop a system of trails at the Bozeman Landfill area. This “snowfill” site will boast dog-friendly Nordic skiing and sledding in the winter months as well as hiking, cycling, and running in the summer.

All of those who helped make Aged to Perfection a reality are hoping to name one trail at the proposed 50-acre park “Hedvig’s Trail” in celebration and recognition of their dear friend's strength and grace. Flowers has given immensely back to the community through her artist-in-residence programs at both Hawthorne and Longfellow schools.

These $15 calendars make excellent gifts! For more information contact GVLT at 587-8404.