Outward Bound

The backcountry beckons.

We set out in search of untracked turns under bluebird skies, surrounded by sparkling snow on frosty firs, sharing smiles with our friends. No other experience matches the mysterious, exciting, and daunting allure of trekking into the wilderness in the depth of winter. The backcountry is beautiful and unrelenting. The best and worst days are had far from the trailhead, where we feel the full power of nature, a reminder that we are merely mortal visitors in this vast and timeless environment.

No matter one’s level of experience, it pays to possess foresight when roaming the hills in winter. We’ve all heard stories of lessons learned from close calls, and sadly, from lives claimed by the mountains. We carry this wisdom in drawing up plans and making decisions along the way. Anyone can have a great day in the backcountry, but make sure you’re up to snuff on snow safety before heading out. Fortunately, in Bozeman, resources abound to get you trained up and kitted out for an epic season. Between the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, local guiding services, classes and seminars, sport-specific fitness trainers, and expert gear shops, you’re in good hands here. So read up, use the following information to better prepare yourself, and enjoy fresh tracks all winter long.

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