Bridger's New Ride: Schlasman's Lift

With the addition of the new Schlasman’s (this is the original and proper spelling, not “Slushman’s”) Lift, Bridger Bowl will boast a 311-acre expansion past the old south boundary. Because it's classified as “Ridge Terrain,” avalanche transceivers are required. Shovels and a partner are strongly recommended.

Schlasman’s Lift starts south of Pierre’s Knob at 7,000 feet and carries 500 people per hour to 8,700 feet (100 feet below the Ridge). Why the first expansion in 30 years? “To reach the demand of expert skiers’ quest for fresh turns and fresh powder,” says Bridger Bowl marketing director Doug Wales. With a new backcountry policy, including new Forest Service exit gates, that is exactly what the experienced backcountry skier and boarder will find at Bridger this year—powder. So wax up your skis and find your transceiver, shovel, and a buddy. It's looking like another record-setting year.