Where to go before going home.

The energy is high after spending a long day on the mountain, so why call it quits at 4:30pm? It’s either home to the hot tub—if you’ve got one—or an evening out for a bite to eat and cocktails to celebrate the day's turns.

Although there have been changes to the base of Bridger Bowl, Jimmy B’s remains the same. The fire is hot and with the occasional live music playing in the background, it’s refreshing to ski right in and share a pitcher of beer and nachos with friends and family, before making the 16-mile trek back to Bozeman.

Once back in town, you can’t miss the Filling Station—it’s on the right just after you bear left onto Rouse Ave. Here you’re sure to find an interesting character or two enjoying their ritual of the day. During winter the price is right: two-for-one specials every night of the week. Catch a game of pool and munch on a bowl of nuts before heading to Main Street.

Make sure to show your face at the Garage, located on E. Main and Wallace, so you can cash in on their special of the day: “Free Beer in Your Ski Gear.” That’s only one free beer, so you won’t get carried away and wind up staggering home in ski boots.

For appetizers, head to Lockhorn Cider House and treat yourself to the ploughman's board. Throw back a Bone Dry Apple and sit by the raging outdoor fireplace, if the temps aren't too low.

Known as Bozeman’s best happy hour, the Dry Fly Saloon at the Holiday Inn offers free food and discounted cocktails from 4:30 to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Munchies on the house depend on the evening and include hot wings, barbecue pork legs, tacos, and peel & eat shrimp. Accompanying drink specials range from draft beer to margaritas. If your wallet’s thin after the lift ticket and gas, go for the well drinks.

Old Chicago hosts happy hour Monday through Friday from 4:00-6:00 and 10:00-11:30 (select drinks and appetizers are half off). Old Chicago holds a full menu of pasta and pizza and a chance to catch up on sports on one of their big-screen TVs while sipping on your favorite cool one. Time your visit with a football game, and indulge in the "Red Zone," with discounted beer and snacks such as wings, chili-cheese fries, and pizza to appease both palate and pocketbook.

Finally, what better way to enjoy the moments after skiing than soaking in natural hot springs, outside or indoors, at Bozeman Hot Springs. If you venture over on Thursdays and Sundays, you will be pleasantly surprised to find live music poolside, played by a variety of artists. Sitting under the stars or a quiet trickle of snow, enjoy bluegrass ballads and American folk tunes while you soak your bones and nourish after the day’s toll. If you're feeling munchy or didn’t get a chance to eat dinner on the way out of town, never mind that—they’ll fuel you with nachos, homemade pretzels, smoothies, and milkshakes. Click here for Bozeman Hot Springs's hours.

One thing is certain after a day out in the mountains: there’s a variety of joints to go to and fill your belly, quench your thirst, or soothe your soul. Whether happy hour in a vintage bar or dinner at one of our best restaurants, time is never wasted in the early evenings of winter.