Funding Traction

Help get Finding Traction on the big screen.

As one of the top endurance runners in the world, Bozeman resident Nikki Kimball takes the brutal sport of ultra running to a whole new level. In ultra-running events, runners put themselves through an endurance test over courses spanning 50 miles, 100 miles, or more. It’s a battle between mind and body, with athletes pushing themselves to continue long after their bodies have begged them to quit.

In the upcoming documentary Finding Traction, MSU School of Film and Photography graduate Jaime Jacobsen follows Kimball’s attempt to break the world record for completion of Vermont’s Long Trail, 273 miles of elevation gains and losses over technical terrain through Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Crowdfunding campaigns, corporate sponsors, and individual donations are funding the film. As of press time, an additional $100,000 is still needed to complete post-production. Jacobsen hopes to release Finding Traction in summer 2013, beginning with local broadcast on MontanaPBS followed by a potential for national broadcast on public television. To watch the trailer and to see how you can help, go to