Camping Revenue Flats

Hidden in the granite outcroppings just outside Norris, the deserts of Revenue Flats offer Bozemanites great early-season camping just an hour out of town. Flanked by gorgeous views of the Tobacco Roots, this locale has plenty of sites tucked in and around massive boulders. To get there, just head toward Norris, and where Highway 84 T-bones into Highway 287, keep going straight. Follow this dirt road as it wanders next to Hot Springs Creek, and then take a 90-degree left turn at the end of a wide clearing. Take this road as it winds toward the obvious rock fins. Remember: four-wheel drive is ideal. Many a Subaru has visited the Flats, but dense drifts of spring snow can hang you up to dry.

When exploring the landscape, no trip to Revenue would be complete without a visit to the Fishbowl: this sheltered granite amphitheater makes for a perfect campsite. We won’t give detailed directions on how to find it, but you’ll be able to recognize it instantly when you stumble across it.

And when you’re packing up your firewood, marshmallows, and camp chairs, don’t forget your climbing gear—the coarse granite domes offer plenty of moderate sport, top rope, and trad climbing routes, as well as scattered bouldering options.

Before you go, familiarize yourself with the “Leave No Trace” camping ethic: use the designated fire rings, don’t cut down trees, and no matter what you do, remember to pack out everything you brought. In fact, pick up a few extra karma points by cleaning up extra trash you come across. Just because Revenue has drive-up camping access doesn’t mean the landscape should be disrespected. Keeping this area a free resource means treating it right—there have been access issues in the past, so don’t make things worse.