10 Things To Do on the All-New OutsideBozeman.com

1. Read O/B Classics. Check out gems and rarities from the fabled O/B archives—who can forget the Carhartt thong, grumpy old Gramps, indignant immigrant Terry Levine, or the Field Guide to Bozemanites? outsidebozeman.com/magazine/archives

2. Join the Conversation. Jump into the already-heated discussion about gluten and opine away on other timely issues by commenting on our articles and blogs.

3. Surf the Forums. Buy, sell, or trade gear; meet new (i.e., single!) people; and find outdoor jobs. outsidebozeman.com/forum 

4. Score Some Swag. Grab great deals in our Overstock section, snag O/B swag like hats and tee shirts, peruse our collection of Amazon-available books and gear, or sign up for a subscription. outsidebozeman.com/ob-store

 5. Live Vicariously. We do it, and blog about it, so you don’t have to. Join O/B staff on everything from snowshoeing in ghost towns to ziplining across rivers. outsidebozeman.com/community/blogs

 6. Plan Your Own Adventures. Our calendar editor works tirelessly to compile more local outdoor events than you can shake a fly rod at. If it ain’t on there, it ain’t happening. outsidebozeman.com/community/events

 7. Deck the Walls. See a cool photo in O/B? Find it in our photo gallery—there’s a good chance it’s available for purchase. outsidebozeman.com/community/galleries

 8. Learn New Skills. Our beginner’s guides will get you started in a new sport, or find tips & tricks on everything from first aid to fly tying to photography. outsidebozeman.com/skills

 9. Look Before You Leap. Use our searchable database and categorized collections to research new gear, apparel, maps, and books. For you instant-gratification types, there’s a direct link to buy each product on Amazon.

 10. Seek and Ye Shall Find. Get accurate info on just about everything relating to Bozeman’s outdoor scene with our turbo-charged search engine. outsidebozeman.com/community/galleries

 11. Get Social. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on events, promotions, and outdoor news, and keep your cursor on “refresh” to seize the O/B Deal of the Day—huge discounts on gear, apparel, books, and more.