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England, Mike
The ultimate two-day ski road-trip.
Sheets, Jenny
Around the holidays at any ski resort, you can bet your can of Montucky that a middle-aged Midwestern man wearing jeans and a Packers sweatshirt is going to come barreling out of the trees with three kids in tow yelling, “Oh sure, you betcha’—fresh tracks!” With his hair flapping around reflectiv Read more >>
Thompson, Brian
From the time of the proposed boundary expansion at Bridger Bowl to the moment I first arrived at the Schlasman’s lift line, I was nothing but ecstatic. But in the minutes leading up to my first ride, I began to waver. It was then that I thought about what "Slushman’s" really was. Read more >>
Schlasman's, Bridger Bowl, Saddle Peak
Travis Andersen
Bridger's bounty opens for business.
Perkins, Rich
With the addition of the new Schlasman’s (this is the original and proper spelling, not “Slushman’s”) Lift, Bridger Bowl will boast a 311-acre expansion past the old south boundary. Because it's classified as “Ridge Terrain,” avalanche transceivers are required. Read more >>
Edmunds, Meredith
It’s official: Bridger Bowl recently purchased a 1976 Dopplemayr double chairlift from Snowbird with the intention of installing it in the Slushman’s drainage the summer of 2008. Read more >>
Smith, Marjorie
Remembering the early days at Bridger Bowl.
Frost, Mick
It was one of those days you might hear about at an AA meeting, the kind of 9-5 career-ending day that is the lore of many a mountain town across the Northwest. After nearly three weeks of clear skies, the clouds rolled in and dumped two feet of snow overnight. On a Wednesday. Read more >>
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