Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is also called Willow Creek Reservoir, and fills with water from the Tobacco Roots, near Pony. Harrison Lake is popular among fisherman, hikers, and boaters. 

Quake Lake, Madison River, West Yellowstone
Dehmer, Kurt
The Madison Valley's watery offerings.
England, Mike
Love snorkeling and scuba-diving but can’t afford a week in the Caribbean? Think there’s nowhere to dive around here? Sure, Bozeman’s no Cozumel, but consider this: between tourists and locals, some two million people swarm southwest Montana each summer. Read more >>
England, Mike
At 10:30 am, heat waves swim off the asphalt on Hwy. 287 north of Norris. It's gonna be a hot one. A quick stop at the Harrison store for munchies and Gatorade, and we're cruising down the dirt road to Willow Creek Reservoir, aka Harrison Lake. A 50-yard-long wake of dust billows out behind us. Read more >>
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