Reuss, Dave
Tired of hiking the same old circuit of trails around Bozeman? Check out the new edition of Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman (Day Hike Books, $16) for plenty of beautiful hikes you’ve never done before, all within a 90-mile radius from Bozeman. Read more >>
Bozeman, Trail Maintenance, GVLT
Maria Weidich
Helping hands for public lands. 
Bozeman, Montana
Mike England
Inside all of us is the spirit of adventure—a longing passed down through the ages, from the first man and woman who set off into the unknown, leaving behind the comfort and safety of the cave to climb a distant mountain, cross a gr Read more >>
CrossCut Nordic Center
Taylor Burlage
Bozeman's Nordic center in transition. 
Alpacas of Montana, Bozeman
Drew Hulse
Alpaca fleece finds a Bozeman niche. 
GVLT, Painted Hills, Triple Tree, Main Street to the Mountains
Drew Hulse
Bozemanites will soon be able to bike, run, or walk from the Bozeman Public Library to the top of the Read more >>
Gallatin History Museum
the editors
William Ginn shows off his catch in this back-in-the-day version of the grip-and-grin. His trout were big, he kept them all, and he looked damn good doing it in a wool cap and suit. Yes, times have changed. Read more >>
Bozeman Ice Festival, Friends of Hyalite, Hyalite Ice Climbing
Josephson, Joe
Ice Fest clinic areas.
Friends of Hyalite, Hyalite Plowing
Smith, Katherine
Hyalite Canyon plowing timeline.
Bozeman Off-Leash Dog Parks, Dog Parks Bozeman, Parks Bozeman
There are plenty of places to take Fido off leash around town. Here is a map to help you plan your next in-town outing. Read more >>
Bozeman Growth, Future West, Randy Carpenter
Randy Carpenter
The benefits of town-centered development. 
Bozeman Building Boom, Montana Economy
Bach Jr., Orville E.
The curse of measuring Montana's economy.
Bozeman, Kalispell
the editors
In-state showdown.
Joe Josephson
In the fall of 1995, Brent Bishop and Chris Naumman opened a new climbing shop in Bozeman: Barrel Mountaineering. Read more >>
sledding, Bozeman
Harrison, Melynda
Top sledding spots around Bozeman.
Lorton, Isaac
Hometown haunting.
Bozeman, Montana
the Editors
Who rules Bozeman?
bike trails, where to bike around Bozeman,
the editors
Must-do rides close to town. Smooth singletrack is one of the best things in the world. Here’s a list of our favorite rides in the area to get your legs moving and your adrenaline pumping. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, Bozeman ski hills, ski hills near Bozeman, Montana skiing
Ryan Krueger
Ski hills near Bozeman. With incredible terrain and two world-class ski hills within an hour’s drive, this place will change your life—here’s a quick rundown of what our area has to offer Read more >>
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