Bozeman is where it all happens. Here we are surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, as well as a friendly community. 

Eclipse 2017, Bozeman, Montana
Robert Sisk
Reflecting on the 1979 eclipse. 
Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman
Angie Mangels
Festival rundown with O/B's creative director. 
Hyalite Canyon, Fly Fishing Bozeman
Jessica Rounds
How a Valley Girl landed in Bozeman. 
Bozeman Astronomy, Total Solar Eclipse August 21, Perseid Meteor
Jim Manning
Summer's astronomical bucket-list. 
Main Street to the Mountains, GVLT, Bozeman Trails
Drew Hulse
Becoming a local one trail at a time.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Montana, Main Street to the Mountains
the editors
Exploring Bozeman by bike. 
GVLT Summer Trails Challenge, Gallatin Valley Land Trust
the editors
GVLT kicks off summer with the second annual Summer Trails Challenge.  Read more >>
Bozeman Ice Fest, Hyalite Ice climbing
Smith, Katherine
Two decades of BIF.This year the Bozeman Ice Festival turns 20. It has grown from a rag-tag effort to sell a few pairs of crampons over Christmas to one of the largest and most innovative ice-climbing event in the world. Here’s how we got there.  Read more >>
Drew Pogge Outside Bozeman, Bozeman Outdoor Recreation
Pogge, Drew
Ten years at O/B.
Gallatin Valley Land Trust, M Trail Expansion, Main Street to the Mountains
Mabie, Nora
In 2013, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust led an effort to obtain funding for a paved, multi-use pathway along Bridger Dr. to the M and Drinking Horse Mountain trailheads. Read more >>
Bozeman Women's Activity Groups
Dehmer, Kurt
Bozeman-area hiking groups.
Custer-Gallatin Forest Plan Revision, Bridger Range, Montana
Leuschen-Lonergan, Mariah
Custer-Gallatin Revision Plan update.
Story Mill Park, Bozeman, Trust for Public Land
Molly Pickall
Leaving a legacy of open spaces.
Madison Range, Montana Adventure
Cohen, Anna
What lies just out of sight in the wild? Read more >>
indoor kayaking, bozeman swin center, outside bozeman magazine, parks and rec
Overton, Mitch
Recreation within city limits. 
Josephson, Joe
In the fall of 1995, Brent Bishop and Chris Naumman opened a new climbing shop in Bozeman: Barrel Mountaineering. Read more >>
snowshoeing, bozeman, parks and recreation
Slepian, Maggie
Bozeman Parks & Rec update.
Reuss, Dave
Tired of hiking the same old circuit of trails around Bozeman? Check out the new edition of Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman (Day Hike Books, $16) for plenty of beautiful hikes you’ve never done before, all within a 90-mile radius from Bozeman. Read more >>
Gallatin History Museum
the editors
William Ginn shows off his catch in this back-in-the-day version of the grip-and-grin. His trout were big, he kept them all, and he looked damn good doing it in a wool cap and suit. Yes, times have changed. Read more >>
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