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Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana State Parks Foundation

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Tucker, David

Introducing the Montana State Park Foundation.

Montana’s state lands comprise iconic landscapes, unique recreation opportunities, and treasured historical sites, yet they get far less attention—and funding—than their high-profile counterparts in the public-lands system. “Investing in our state parks hasn’t been a priority for decades,” says Marne Hayes, coordinator for the Montana State Parks Foundation, a new nonprofit dedicated to supporting these undervalued assets. “Compared to our peer states, Montana has the most state parks at 55, and almost the smallest budget at $8.5 million.” While the foundation’s focus right now is to raise funds for “a backlog of maintenance and brick-and-mortar improvements,” it will ultimately provide a platform for enhancing the visitor experience. Donations are appreciated, but Hayes says that volunteering and writing letters to elected officials are great ways to help, too. For more info, visit

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