Review: Selk'bag 5G

Selk'Bag 5G Original

Review: Selk'bag 5G

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David Tucker

There’s gear you need, gear you don’t need, and then there’s gear that you don’t know you need. The 5G Original from Selk’bag falls into the last category. To be fair, calling this fully insulated bodysuit “gear” is a bit of a misnomer. Although classified as a “sleeping system,” it has no technical features and appears quite silly at first, like a beefed-up Snuggie; but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve a purpose.

Take this as an example: you drive to a Forest Service cabin and it’s about five degrees outside. You need to clear snow and gather firewood, so you’re back and forth from the snowy cold for about an hour before settling in. Enter a fully insulated bodysuit—one piece and you’re good to go. It’ll keep you warm outside while tending to cabin-life chores, and it’ll provide extra warmth inside until your weekend retreat heats up.

Added bonus: early-morning calls of nature won’t be as brutal.


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