Grioner, Anne
I am a dog owner—a diligent, doo-discarding dog owner. My neighbors are also dog owners—indifferent, dookie-slinging dog owners. Yep, they pitch poo. I share a square of grass, a popular toilet for many dogs, with the feces-flinging monkeys. Read more >>
Lavelle, Sarah
Summertime is play-in-the-water time, and our dogs like to splash around in lakes and ponds just as we do. But the aquatic world around us isn’t always as benign as it looks. As you enjoy the warm weather this summer, keep in mind that there are dangers lurking beneath the water. Read more >>
Edwards, Becky
I feel a snort. A wet misting of doggie mucus slightly scented with Eukanuba and a deer carcass that McKinley happened upon on the trail the day before. As I was unresponsive to the canine hydrating-facial-mist, my aging Siberian husky stepped up his game a bit. Read more >>
England, Mike
Fanning out across the field, a dog in front of each of us, we move slowly, deliberately, through the hayfield’s saffron stubble. It’s late morning in the lower Madison Valley; the sky is clear and bright, with a cool, persistent breeze. Perfect hunting weather. Read more >>
Dogs, Winter, Exercise, Health
Michelle Pogge
Keeping your pooch safe this season. 
Dave Carty
Some brush-busting required.  
Outside Bozeman, pets, Bozeman pets, Ross Pass
Dr. Chris Kenyon
Another persperctive on pet health. 
Pet Advice, Sid Gustafson
Dr. Sid Gustafson
Pet questions for spring. We all have questions about our pets, but few of us have expert answers. That’s why we asked a pro—here’s what longtime Bozeman-area vet Dr. Sid Gustafson had to say. —the editors Read more >>
Beartooth Pass, Pet Advice, Bozeman
Simon Peterson
A canine slide-for-life.  
Pet Mortality
the editors
Bozeman dog mortality.Like car crashes and cardiovascular disease for humans, pets have their own unique mortality statistics. While no actual data has been compiled, our field research shows the leading causes of death for various dogs are as follows:  Read more >>
Svalinn, Dog Obedience, Bozeman Montana
Jeff Greene
Well-behaved humans make well-behaved dogs.
Bozeman Off-Leash Dog Parks, Dog Parks Bozeman, Parks Bozeman
There are plenty of places to take Fido off leash around town. Here is a map to help you plan your next in-town outing. Read more >>
Ruffwear Dog Beds
Tucker, David
Sleeping gear for dogs.
Trail Dogs Bozeman, Pet Etiquette Bozeman
Murray, Ron
Spring advice for dog-owners.
Winter dogs, Pets, Bozeman
Pogge, Michelle
Canine considerations for cold weather.While waxing your boards and sharpening your crampons, don’t forget your furry friends—use these tips to keep your pets safe and happy when the mercury drops. Read more >>
Rattlesnakes, Snake Bites, Montana
Odenbeck, Loni M.
Avoiding rattlers in southwest Montana.
Winter dogs, Pets, Bozeman
Lavelle, Dr. Sarah
Cold-weather tips for your dog.With winter underway, you’ve probably spent time winterizing your home and vehicle. But have you thought about winterizing your pet? Read more >>
pets, Outside Bozeman, Montana, dogs
Allen, Holly
Canine considerations for spring. Spring means lots of new adventures for you and your furry family members.  Here are some things to take into consideration this season. Read more >>
Hunting dogs, dogs, hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Lorton, Isaac
Comparing hunting breeds.
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