Just for Chicks

Just because it's easier for guys to pee in the woods doesn't mean we shouldn't have at it too. Here's a section for all the ladies who like to get outside.

MacPherson, Joy
It was enough that we pledged to show her dead body to her yellow lab, Shamus. Now we were asked to spread her ashes atop “Lady B.” It’s what lifelong friends must do. Read more >>
Metrick, Dee
When it comes to sexiness, I want to be the Frank’s Red Hot on my boyfriend’s egg-white omelet. Although this is a very intuitive goal, achieving it is not quite so natural for me. All too often, I find myself being more of a run-of-the-mill sort of condiment, like salt. Read more >>
Sullivan, Megan
I’ll take a girl on the rocks, please. Katie Brown’s book Girl on the Rocks (Falcon Guides, $20) is a great introduction for any beginning climber and an inspiration for rock-hard veterans as well. Read more >>
Smith, Marjorie
What’s your Mother’s Day plan? Chocolates? Brunch? Gift certificate for a day spa? Don’t forget, we’re Montana women—why not get OUTSIDE to celebrate? Read more >>
Rugemer, Laurie
Pulling up to the South Cottonwood trailhead, I take a moment to survey the half-full parking lot of fellow outdoor enthusiasts milling around their cars, preparing to hike, bike, or run the trail with a small pack and a willing dog in tow. Read more >>
Corinne Garcia
During hunting season in the backwoods of Montana, it’s not all that rare to run into a chick with a gun, or a bow for that matter. Plenty of female hunters stock the freezer, sometimes during years when their husbands come home empty-handed. Read more >>
McGurk, Linda
When Jennifer Grace gave up a lucrative career as a biologist to become a professional snowboarder, she defied all conventional wisdom. Read more >>
Heimann, Ginny
The first few times I went fishing with the Gallatin Valley Wad’n Women, my fly would end up under a rock, on my shirt, or on the top branch of a tree. Every now and then I managed a good cast. Eventually my patience and perseverance paid off. Read more >>
McGurk, Linda
It’s a brisk spring day and the sun has just risen over Paradise Valley when a green Volvo station wagon rolls into the empty parking lot at Armstrong’s Spring Creek. Read more >>
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