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American Buffalo
Joshua Bergan
Few people know the comprehensive history and biology of our national mammal as well Bozeman’s favorite carnivore, Steven Rinella. Read more >>
Chris McCarthy
In The Banker and The Blackfoot (Blue Bridge, $25), J. Read more >>
Voices of Yellowstone's Capstone book review
Will Shepard
Editors Traute Parrie and Jesse Logan brilliantly compile over 30 essays written by local authors and professionals in Voices of Yellowstone’s Capstone: A Nar Read more >>
Eight Master Lessons of Nature book review
Stephanie Schmieding
In a world obsessed with “technology,” societies are moving farther and farther away from the nature world. Read more >>
First Rangers book review
Stephanie Schmieding
Get ready to explore Glacier Country like you never have before with two men considered to be the “heroes of their era.” Derived from first-hand journals and historical photos and documents, Read more >>
lady long rider, bernice ende
Cordelia Pryor
It’s time to saddle up for a ride unlike any other. Read more >>
Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Wildlife, Landscape, Atlas, Fish, Absalooke, Cowboy
Will Shepard
Editors, Traute Parrie and Jesse Logan, brilliantly compile over 30 essays written by local authors and professionals in Voices of Yellowstone’s Capstone: A Narrative Atlas o Read more >>
Yellowstone, Book, Landscape, Pictures, Bozeman, National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Wildlife, Animals
Will Shepard
In Essential Yellowstone: A Landscape of Memory and Wonder (Riverbend Publishing, $20), Michael Yachim provides a detailed accou Read more >>
Leaves on Frozen Ground, Dave Carty, Northern Wisconsin, Novel
Mike England
Although set in northern Wisconsin, on the edge of the vast Northwoods, Leaves on Frozen Ground Read more >>
Last Woman in the Forest, mystery novel, Diane Les Becquets
Melissa Doar
Inspired by the unsolved Connecticut River Valley murders that took place along the corridor of the Vermont and New Hampshire border in the 1980s, Read more >>
Laboratory Yellowstone, book, science, geology, microbiology
Cordelia Pryor
Although Yellowstone is famous for massive geological features and charismatic megafauna, there are actually more spectacular natural wonders than meet the eye—in fact, you’ll need a microscope. Read more >>
Review: Soundcast VG1
Mike England
Whether it’s an all-day float or one last hoorah at your favorite swimming hole, music goes a long way. Read more >>
Travis Wilson
Wild and free—that's the creed of those seeking liberation from the soul-stifling constraints of society. While civilization tends to cookie-cut human identity into subservient models, outdoor enthusiasts find ways to stay connected to nature, and thus retain their individual spirits. Read more >>
books, horseback riding, horses, riding
Cordelia Pryor
Saddle up for a ride unlike any other. Lady Long Rider (Farcountry Press, $16) follows the incredible journeys of Read more >>
Beartooth Publishing, Biking, Singletrack
David Tucker
Montana mountain bikers have long craved an updated guide to area rides. Read more >>
edible plants, survival, nature
Mike England
Every year, I vow to learn more about native foliage, from shrub and tree ID to wildflower names to edible plants. Read more >>
backpacking, book, guide
Cordelia Pryor
Get the skinny on great foot-trips in the rockies.  Read more >>
Simple Fly Fishing, Patagonia
the editors
Simple Fly Fishing
Sheriff Longmire, Longmire Series, The Western Start
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