Patagonia Macro Puff, jacket, coat
David Tucker
After last February’s record-low temps, it was clear I needed a warmer winter coat. Read more >>
Swisswool Piz Boval, jacket, coat
Mike England
Is it possible to find a high-quality, environmentally responsible touring coat without breaking the bank? Read more >>
Review: Beyond K4-Ventum Ultralight Pants and Shorts
Jurgen Haenke
Moving to Montana from a big city was a drastic change for me. All my city clothes felt uncomfortable, heavy, and inefficient when adventuring in the outdoors. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Airfoil
David Tucker
For years, I’ve done all my trail running in one pair of Nike soccer shorts. High time for an upgrade. Read more >>
Sherpa Asaar 2.5 Review
Chris McCarthy
Come spring, high-performance rain gear is a must. Read more >>
Review: Ridge Merino Aspect
David Tucker
Finally, a baselayer brand has figured it out: no interior tags on skin-tight clothing. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Prologue Refuge
Chris McCarthy
The Prologue Refuge from Outdoor Research was created with Bozeman in Read more >>
Review: Kavu Inland
Ian Roderer
This winter, when you find yourself reaching for an extra layer, reach for Kavu’s Inland jacket. Read more >>
Review: Kavu Ken Tucky
Ian Roderer
As far as styles go, the Kavu Ken Tucky falls squarely in the rugged category, but combines enough of th Read more >>
Salomon, Bonatti WP
Chris McCarthy
 Salomon’s Bonatti WP isn’t the perfe
Patagonia Nano-Air Lite Hybrid Jacket
Luke Ebeling
If you’re looking for a jacket that does it all, the Patagonia Nano Read more >>
Review: First Lite Uncompahgre Vest
Chris McCarthy
The Uncompahgre insulated vest from First Lite packs down to nothing and keeps your core extremely warm. Read more >>
Review: Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Pants
Chris McCarthy
The first thing to catch my eye when reading about Patagonia’s Read more >>
Orsden Lift Review
Emma Nord
For those who don’t hibernate, Orsden’s Lift jacket is a sle Read more >>
Dakine Snorkel Fleece
David Tucker
With the Snorkel fleece, Dakine b
Toad & Co. Double Bock
Simon Peterson
Resurrected from the Toad & Co.
Duer Performance Jeans
David Tucker
Now that bacon-and-stout season is upon us, I did what every self-respecting 32-year-old does and bought a pair of jeans that fit like sweatpants. Read more >>
gear, pants
Ian Roderer
When I’m out in the mountains, two of the most important things are freedom of movement and staying dry. Mountain Equipment’s Ibex Pant offers both. Read more >>
gear, hunting, pants, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
It’s tough to find a single pair of pants for the entire hunting season: thin enough for those balmy early-October days, but thick enough for late-season snow. But Sitka’s versatile Mountain Pant fits the bill. Read more >>
Gear, jacket, hunting, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
If you’re searching a new hunting-season baselayer, look no further than the Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T. This zippered crew-neck, long-sleeved shirt is ideal for getting you through cold mornings and warm afternoons. Read more >>
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