Hunting, pack, hunting pack, Bozeman
Tim Hoffer
For the majority of hunters, especially out West, a backpackis a vital piece of gear, on par with good boots. Read more >>
Bozeman, hunting, footwear, boots
Curt Smith
On the hunt, footwear is as critical a gear consideration as any. When looking for the best boot for the job, focus on some key areas, such as time of year, terrain type, pack weight, and the style of boot that has worked for you in the past. Read more >>
Bozeman, ammo, hunting
Kurt Dehmer
Stroll down the ammo aisle of any major sporting-goods store and one word should come to mind: abundance. While we’re blessed with more caliber options, bullet types, and specific loads than ever before, we’re now burdened with the conundrum of what to buy. Fret not. Read more >>
gun, guns, rifle, rifles, bozeman
Kurt Dehmer
With the variety of big-game animals we have in Montana, picking one all-purpose rifle is no mean feat. Before buying yourself a shootin’ tool, it’s best to ask yourself some basic questions: Read more >>
hunting, terrain, mountains, bozeman
Tom Reed
The late writer John Madson once wrote a sweet, short essay titled “The High Beyond” that encapsulates it all: Read more >>
Planning, resources, hunting, Bozeman
the editors
A successful hunt starts long before your boots hit the trail. Read more >>
Region 3, region three, hunting
Kurt Dehmer
Stalking through distinctly region-3 terrain. 
hunting, marksmanship, hunter ethics
Kent Orms
Shooting effectively and ethically.  
Clarks Fork, hunting, waterways
Jimmy Lewis
Scouring Montana's waterways for wild game. 
Public lands, hunting
Nicole Qualtieri
Optimizing your public-land hunt.  
Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
Which method is supreme? 
Fall Hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Drew Pogge
Because nothing good comes easy. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. —Albert Einstein Read more >>
Montana State Legislature 2017
Nick Gevock
State legislative session continues.Wildlife bills kept MWF and our conservation partners busy last week as legislators work to pass bills before the upcoming transmittal deadline to get general bills to the other chamber of the Legislature. Read more >>
Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana 2017 Legislature
Nick Gevock
Things picked up last week at the Capitol, with a host of bills addressing hunting licenses, fishing-access-site maintenance, and hunting access to state lands. Read more >>
Montana Wildlife Federation, 2017 Legislature
Nick Gevock
Inside the 2017 Legislature. 
2017 Legislature, Montana Wildlife Federation
Nick Gevock
Tracking wildlife- and hunting-related bills.
Off-Limits Public Land, Inaccessible Public Land
the editors
Montana's inaccessible public land.
Survival skills, Montana
the editors
Tips for backcountry emergencies.
Successful Hunting, Montana
Miller, Anne L.
Hunting grounds are hallowed places, viewed with great anticipation and anxiety over the bragging, freezer-filling, story-gathering process each fall. But to be sure your time there doesn’t turn to pure anguish, here are some tips to help you prepare.  Read more >>
Deer Hunting, Montana
Thomas, Jr., E. Donnall
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Read more >>
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