Big Game

Mick Frost
The coming of the hunt.Dusk comes earlier these days, the red sun casting long shadows across the valley. Dawn is a late riser; her timid light overtakes the darkness at a later hour each day. Read more >>
elk, Hunting, Gallatin Canyon, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Hunting elk in Gallatin Canyon. 
Mule Deer, Hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Tom Reed
All about hunting mule deer. 
Hunting, Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
Jack Ballard
Hunting mountainous terrain. 
Hunting Packs, Bozeman, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
Packs for the job. 
Rifle Rounds, Hunting Ammo, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
While we hunters are blessed with more caliber options, bullet types, and specific loads than ever before, we’re now burdened with the conundrum of what ammo to buy. Read more >>
Dirt Roads, Forest Service Roads, Bozeman, Hunting, Montana
the editors
Preparing your vehicle for backcountry roads. 
Granite Creek, Target Shooting, Montana
the editors
Where to sight in your rifle. 
Bear Spray Training, Tactic, Bozeman
Joe Dwyer
Guns vs. bear spray. 
Review: Kammok Kuhli Pro
Mike England
When backpacking, an easy way to lighten the load is to carry a tarp instead of a tent—and if you choose the Kammok Read more >>
Hot Tub, Hunting, Bozeman, Montana, Yellowstone Club
Joe King
Hot-tub hunting takes off.  
Public Land Access, Montana
Whitney Tilt
As our outdoor economy booms, it's time for all of us to make a shared investment.  Read more >>
Review: Nikon ProStaff 3s
Mike England
It's easy to drop some serious dough on optics, but it's not always necessary. Read more >>
Montana Wildlife Federation, Conservation, Public Land, Hunting
Nick Gevock
Protecting our public land. 
late season hunt, Bozeman
Mike England
Ski-hunting the winter woods.Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Read more >>
Ted Kerasote, Three Long Seconds, Outside Bozeman
Ted Kerasote
The human mind can process an astounding amount of information in a few short moments, especially when life and death hang in the balance.  Read more >>
Schnee's Mission Boot
Chris McCarthy
You know those jacked-up 4x4 vehicles that get folks in and out of steep, and sometimes treacherous, places?  That’s exactly what I think of when I look at Read more >>
CRKT Homefront Hunter Knife
Chris McCarthy
Need a new blade this hunting season?
Bozeman, hunting, antelope
Greg Lemon
A thin film of dust coats your lips as you worm your way through the sagebrush. One elbow, then another, head lowered over a cradled rifle. The sun’s high and hot and you’re sweating. But there’s a herd of antelope just over the next rise—you think—and this is the final approach. Read more >>
Block Management Areas, Bozeman, Hunting
Nick Gevock
Working together on access issues. Two core values that Montanans share make our state great: a deep respect for private-property rights, and a dedication to public land. Defending both of these values is essential to our way of life.  Read more >>
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