Big Game

Deer, elk, sheep, goat, antelope, moose - southwest Montana is home to abundant big game populations.

Crazy Mountains, Crazies, access, land-transfer, Outside Bozeman
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Suddenly, and with dubious (possibly illegal) justification, we are losing historic public-land access. The land-transfer movement is a national trend, but the fallout is being felt close to home—most recently, in the Crazy Mountains north of Big Timber. Read more >>
hunting, field dressing, Bozeman
Nick Bennett
If you’re a big-game hunter, you’ve probably been mulling over your opening-day hunt for the past few weeks, hoping that your Read more >>
white-tailed deer, Bozeman, hunting
Greg Lemon
With a husky snort, the deer’s tawny frame turns, and all you see is a giant white leaf blowing away. Busted, yet again, by the wily white-tailed deer. Your hour-long stalk is over, your day done. Read more >>
elk, hunting, elk hunting, outside bozeman, montana
the editors
Hunting the mighty wapiti. 
Hunting Etiquette, Hunting Season, Bozeman
the editors
Etiquette for the season. 
Region 3 Elk Harvest, Montana
the editors
Montana boasts some of the healthiest elk populations in the country—that’s why so many folks flock here to Read more >>
Montana Bighorn Sheep, Gravelly Mountains
Don Thomas
Like a herd of rutting rams, various parties butt heads over bighorn-sheep management in southwest Montana—but others are figuring out ways to work together. Read more >>
Grizzly Bear Delisting, Hunting Girzzly Bears, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Montana Wildlife Federation
the editors
Opinions on the grizzly delisting.
Bill Wood, Granite Creek Range
England, Mike
Tips from a champ.Former World Championship silver-medalist Bill Wood teaches long-range shooting techniques at Granite Creek Range near Virginia City. Here are Bill’s top tips for shooting well—both at the range and in the field. Read more >>
Hunting Injuries, Montana
the editors
Guns can be deadly, and hunters should always adhere to the strictest safety standards. But shooting really isn’t as dangerous as you may think, and many other activities are far more so. Here are some numbers to think about.  Read more >>
Rapid Rifle Cover, Bozeman
McCarthy, Chris
The elk were above me, necessitating a three-mile climb through a new growth of thick, 15-foot-tall lodgepoles. The wind hadn’t blown since the last snowfall, so each tree was loaded with snow, just waiting to avalanche down my back, filling both my rifle barrel and scope. Read more >>
Stoll, Kelly
It’s hunting season in Montana and everyone’s gearing up to fill their freezers. Read more >>
Hunt Right Campaign, FWP Region 3
Mick Frost
The Hunt Right campaign explained. 
Elk, brucellosis, Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Jones, Andrea
Understanding brucellosis.
Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
Meghan O'Neal
Countless conservation efforts exist for Montana’s big game: elk, deer, and sheep all have organizations devoted to their continued wellbeing and population balance. But what about the mountain goat? Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Deer season has arrived at last, and you’ve put in your time waiting and stalking. You finally have one in your sights—but do you know if it’s a whitetail or a muley? You should be able to tell the species almost instinctually before you pull the trigger. Read more >>
Hill, Ty
After you trim the prime cuts off your animal this hunting season, you’re going to have a lot of scraps. In fact, after bagging an elk, you can end up with over 50 pounds destined for the grind pile. What’s the best way to enjoy all this meat? Read more >>
Peter Muennich
Refining the focus of the spotting scope, my jaw drops. The largest mountain goat I’ve ever seen is standing on the same damn cliff as the previous morning. Read more >>
Flowers, Pat
Montana's Second Wolf-Hunting Season
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