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Kenetrek, Rapid Rifle Covers, Stone Glacier, Skyblade Knives
the editors
Gear up with these local companies.  
Joe King
Catch-and-release hunting takes off. No guns. No bows. No spears, knives, or clubs. This is hunting at its most primeval, pitting man against beast without the aid of technology. No weapons are allowed—it’s hand versus hoof, head versus horn. Read more >>
Review: Nikon Laserforce
Brian England
Nikon’s LaserForce rangefinder binos aren’t just techie-gear masturbation. Read more >>
Crazy Mountains, Lawsuit, Montana
Katie McKalip
Conservation groups sue to uphold and defend public access to the Crazies.  Read more >>
2019 Montana State Legislature, Montana Wlidlife, Elk
Nick Gevock
Wildlife wins in the 2019 legislative session. 
Venison Banh Mi, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Julie Mackiewicz & Corey Ellis
A Montanan twist on a Vietnamese classic. After our meat's in the freezer, we all struggle with the same question: now what? There are countless ways to prepare delicious wild game, but here's one you might not have tried. Read more >>
Montana Legislature 2019, Montana Wildlife Federation
Nick Gevock
Wildlife news from the Capitol. 
Master Hunter, One Montana, Common Ground
Courtney Miranda
One Montana launches Master Hunter program. 
Elk Hunting, Weekend Warrior, Montana
Tim Hoffer
Quick-hits for the time-crunched.  
Elk Camp. Montana, Elk Hunting
Jack Ballard
Come fall, many Montana families relocate to their second home—elk camp.   Read more >>
Second Rut, Elk Hunting, Southwest Montana
Mark Schutey
Hunting the rifle-season rut. 
Wilderness Study Areas, Hunting, Montana
Nick Gevock
Public discourse on public lands. 
Conservation, wild sheep, bighorn sheep, Mahoney, Bozeman
Drew Hulse
Hunting for wild-sheep restoration. 
Ted Kerasote, Three Long Seconds, Outside Bozeman
Ted Kerasote
The human mind can process an astounding amount of information in a few short moments, especially when life and death hang in the balance.  Read more >>
Hunting Etiquette, Hunting Season, Bozeman
the editors
Etiquette for the season. 
Crazy Mountains, Crazies, access, land-transfer, Outside Bozeman
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Suddenly, and with dubious (possibly illegal) justification, we are losing historic public-land access. Read more >>
Hunt Right Campaign, FWP Region 3
Mike England
A plea for good ethics in the field.  Read more >>
fall, Bozeman, hunting, elk, photography
Brett Seng
Captivating viewers, one image at a time. 
Granite Creek Range, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana Hunting
Mike England
Repentance and redemption at the Granite Creek Range. Read more >>
Mick Frost
The coming of the hunt.Dusk comes earlier these days, the red sun casting long shadows across the valley. Dawn is a late riser; her timid light overtakes the darkness at a later hour each day. Read more >>
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