Pick your watercraft - canoe or kayak, raft or drift boat, sailboat or ski boat. From rivers to reservoirs, self-propelled to internal combustion, raging whitewater to serene, sun-dappled pools, we can pretty much do it all here. The only limit is your ability, ambition, and the distance you're willing to drive.

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Upper Gallatin Canoe

Leach, Michael
My vision for a bold and fresh new way to explore the rivers of Yellowstone Country was born on a redeye flight back to the Treasure State from the Garden Island of Kauai. Read more >>
England, Mike
Paddling and peddling are a great combination—not only can you and your friends drive to and from the river in a single vehicle, but you’ll get some exercise to counterbalance all that beer-drinking on the water. Read more >>
Henan, Jacob
In homage to the days of Lewis & Clark, the 48th annual Yellowstone Boat Float will launch the morning of July 8 from Livingston and continue downstream—covering 95 miles of historic river bottom—to Laurel by July 10. Read more >>
England, Mike
Nothing screams Montana like a fun-filled day on the river, be it fishing, floating, or whitewater. An important logistical concern, of course, is the shuttle. While some hardcores prefer to hitchhike, bike, or even (gasp) run back to the put-in, we like the idea of a nice cozy car ride. Read more >>
Niegard, Ian
Like most anglers, I'm always looking for the perfect do-it-all boat – one that's compact, stable, performs well on both rivers and lakes, and can get into those hard-to-reach honey holes, yet doesn't weigh more than my dad's Winnebago. Read more >>
Henning, Becky
Do you yearn for a break from the hum-drum, are you aching for adventure? Then come to the river. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your need for the danger of rapids, or the constant pull of the current. Read more >>
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