No matter what kind of cycle you ride, southwest Montana will keep you happy with in-town trails, burly singletrack, long smooth roads. Endless possibilities exist when it comes to  mountain biking and the only limitations are the type of trail and level of challenge you’re looking for. Whether it’s a smooth, fast downhill or a thigh-burning, lung-searing ascent (or both), it’s all just a short distance from town. 


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Terry Cunningham
Pioneering athletes such as Pat Callis, Alex Lowe, Ed Anacker, and Tom Jungst established Bozeman’s reputation as a premier outdoor-sports community. Read more >>
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England, Mike
Paddling and peddling are a great combination—not only can you and your friends drive to and from the river in a single vehicle, but you’ll get some exercise to counterbalance all that beer-drinking on the water. Read more >>
Jennings, Matt
Bike commuting in winter definitely takes commitment. Sure, spring, summer, and fall can all have their wet and cold days, but most of the time it's dry, the days are longer, and the temperature is above freezing (usually). Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
“Dude, I had brutal chainsuck on that compound disappearing hill and had to dab twice. Then I did a little crotch testing over the stump—wang chung in a big way. Did you pass that brand whore roadie on the tar?” Read more >>
Parks, Matthew
You’ve thought about it. Some of your friends do it. However, you’re not quite sure how to do it. Don’t be intimidated—participating in your first triathlon is a wonderful endeavor that you can accomplish. Read more >>
Smuts, Peter
Bike-pedal technology has come a long way since you last set foot on your old Schwinn Stingray when you were 11 years old. Nowadays, there are both high-performance and utilitarian choices in every category. What you choose depends on what, how, and where you ride. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
If you live in the Gallatin Valley, you know that biking is pretty damn fun. What you might not know is that biking with kids can be just as much fun—even though it takes a little more work and planning. Read more >>
Lussier, Alex
If you think that “looking forward to your daily commute” sounds outrageous, you’re probably thinking about mind-numbing, stress-inducing, bumper-to-bumper travel. Change your mindset to bike commuting—the kind that lands you at your desk invigorated, mentally sharp, and high on endorphins. Read more >>
Local Shop Rat
I am your local bicycle mechanic: fueled by caffeine, lovingly grumpy, adorably retro, and acceptably surly. I live and breathe the pedal-powered machines, treating each with the respect that a machine of freedom deserves. Read more >>
  • Road

    Wurtz, Gary
    The Hwy. 89 South Bike Path in Livingston will get a much-needed facelift this spring, part of a multi-phase project to eventually extend the trail all the way to Gardiner. Read more >>
    Nickell, Joe
    First comes runoff, flushing snow out of the mountains and forcing fisherfolk off the rivers. Read more >>
    Loudermilk, Derek
    Want to give road biking a try? Here are a few classic rides around Bozeman to get you pointed in the right direction.Triple Tree Lunchtime LoopMain Roads: Sourdough, Triple Tree, TayabeshockupDistance: 13 milesTime: 1 hour Read more >>
    Loudermilk, Derek
    At 9:55 on a spring Sunday morning, Rockford Coffee at the corner of Main and Rouse is about to see a flurry of activity. One after another, riders descend on the spot from all corners of town on an array of sleek racing bikes, each sporting snazzy blue team uniform. Read more >>
  • Mountain

    Stone Creek
    Ben Donatelle
    Mountain biking Stone Creek.
    Copper City Trails, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association
    David Tucker
    Bozeman mountain bikers have long craved a three-season destination close to town, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Bozeman’s Tim Hawke, they’re going to get their wish. Read more >>
    Fall Bozeman Montana, Mountain Biking Bozeman
    Pogge, Drew
    Making autumn count.“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” ― Joni Mitchell Read more >>
    Montana Mountain Biking, Fall Bikes Rides Bozeman
    Allen, Bob
    Where to ride this fall.
    Montana Mountain Bike Alliance, Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision
    the editors
    The dirt on mountain-bike acess.
  • Cross

    Sklar Bikes, Adam Sklar, Gravel Grinding, Bozeman
    Adam Sklar
    Dirt-road rides for spring. If you’re itching to ride but can’t wait for the trails to dry, dirt roads are where it’s at. A gravel-grinder is the best option, but hardtails and short-travel mountain bikes work, too. Here are some routes to consider this spring. Read more >>
    Bike Jousting, Haufbrau
    Pogge, Drew
    Winning honor (if not companionship).
    Reuss, Dave
    What happens when you mix a mountain bike, a monster truck, Barry White music, and a box of blush wine? You can find the answer rolling through downtown, at your favorite trailhead, or passing you at a local bike race. Read more >>
    Pape, Jay
    Isn’t it funny how things work? All summer long I dream of backcountry powder, but as soon as those long winter nights set in, I begin passing the time on a bike trainer and dreaming of future “gravel grinder” rides on my cross bike. Read more >>
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