Winter 2010-11 Contests

Bozeman’s Top Dog
With dozens of enthusiastic entries, this year’s Top Dog Contest again proved one of our most popular. Proud humans from all over southwest Montana praised the virtues of their beloved canine companions. Tom and Liz McGoff-Hayes and their dog Juniper take top prize, with a great photo and a heartfelt tribute by their dog-sitter Jelica Summerfield. The winning tale and a host of runners-up appear on page 54.

Best Yard Sale
We’ve all been there—face-down in the snow, with skis, poles, and clothing scattered in a 10-foot radius around us. Celebrate your splatter with the Outside Bozeman Yard Sale Contest. To hell with fame and glory, that’s so 2010. Be original: Shoot for public humiliation and alpine ignominy! Send us your best yard-sale shot and get your pick from the fabled O/B Treasure Chest.

Best Snow-Covered Car
An amorphous vehicular mass buried in the snow is one of southwest Montana’s most emblematic winter sights. Whether it’s your car buried after a massive snowstorm or your neighbor’s POS that hasn’t moved in weeks, we want to see a photo of it. The winning image will appear in the spring issue, and the winning photographer gets his or her choice of O/B swag. For more info, visit Keep your camera handy this winter, and pray for snow!

Outside Bozeman Photo Contest
It’s not too early to start thinking about the 4th Annual Outside Bozeman Photo Contest. With over 300 photographers and 2,500 images last year, this contest keeps getting better and better. Get outside and start taking photos now, so you’ll be ahead of the game come submission time. As usual, a host of prizes await the winners. For inspiration, check out the 2010 winners at our Sola Café Art Show during December and January, and check out for more info.