Tornado Pro Alpine Touring Ski Boot

The decision to go touring instead of hitting the resort depends on your mood, and so it is wise to have a ski boot that accommodates both. Equipped with a number of adjustment features, the Scarpa Tornado Pro is suited to either endeavor. When I tested these boots, I brought both interchangeable ski tongues, switching out the soft hiking piece at the end of the trek for the stiff downhill piece, which accommodated a lot of forward pressure at the shins. At the summit of the hike, I flipped the switch located on the back of the boot that allows for transition from “walking” mode to “skiing” mode, and to my surprise, it made a noticeable difference in the range of flexing motion. By offering a number of functions in a single design, the Scarpa Tornado Pros are ideal for anyone who likes to keep a simple arsenal. $650;