Tip-Mont Does the Trick

In early April, 2009, vandals wreaked havoc at Dailey Lake Fishing Access site in the Paradise Valley. Using a vehicle, the vandals drove over 12 signs, including several large signs and a visitor kiosk. They also drove over several sections of jackleg fencing and five windscreens surrounding the latrines, as well as rammed the iron ranger-fee collection box, which is set in one cubic yard of concrete. The vandals drove off-road throughout the site, damaging much of the vegetation. FWP Regional Maintenance Supervisor John Taillie put the repair estimates at over $4,000.

However, an anonymous call to 800-TIP-MONT quickly produced suspects, and charges are pending. If convicted, the alleged vandals could face fines, restitution (for the cost of repairs), jail time, as well as loss of hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges under a new law passed during the 2009 legislative session. See fwp.mt.gov/enforcement/tipmont for more information about TIP-MONT.