The Go Girl

At some point in her life, every woman runs into a situation like this: you’re in a drift boat, you have to relieve yourself, and you’re in waders. The men are peeing right off the boat while you grimace at your own discomfort. You now have to dock, walk off into the woods, and completely undress in 35-degree rain.

The Go Girl has women like us in mind. It’s a funnel-shaped piece of medical-grade silicone that allows outdoor girls to simply unzip and go just like the guys (sorta). Remember that time your male ski buddy went off into the trees for a pit stop and you had to traverse the entire mountain to do the same? Not anymore, ladies. The Go Girl comes in a variety of colors, has its own protective tube, and costs around ten bucks. You can shove it in your pocket and take it anywhere: dirty gas station bathrooms, in the woods, on a camping trip, your boyfriend's filthy bachelor pad… really anywhere. $10;