The Adventures of Gray Wolf

by Don Butcher - Wyoming, MI
Lane Coyote, 2001 - 216 pages

In The Adventures of Gray Wolf, we explore the tales of a seasoned backcountry adventurer as he recounts nearly 50 remarkable experiences throughout the Canadian bush country. Don Butcher, better known as Gray Wolf by his local small-town Michigan community, shares the fascinating stories of his truly legendary pastime—fishing and hunting the wild northern woods of Ontario. Through his own words and authentic photographs, we’re introduced to a great storyteller’s outdoor adventures, running from the Great Depression through today.

After marrying his teenage sweetheart, Butcher raises a wonderful family whose lives revolve entirely around the outdoors. Through the years, Gray Wolf embarks on numerous big-game hunts, endless bird hunting episodes, and countless fishing expeditions. He survives airplane crashes, escapes charging moose, and defends himself against intruding bears. Each experience is filled with new adventures that simply must be retold.

The Adventures of Gray Wolf tells the personal experiences of a true sportsman. Any reader will feel appreciation and respect for the wisdom and woodsmanship of the man behind the myth, while outdoor enthusiasts from any part of the country will be able to personally relate to Gray Wolf’s stories and recall personal memories from their own experiences in the field.