Summer Pet Products

Dogs, it is often said, are people too. And while that statement may be subject to interpretation, I think we can all agree that like us, dogs do have at least some material needs. Here’s a rundown of some useful pet products for the summer season.

Summer is critter season, and the chances of your pup getting sprayed by a skunk are at their highest. Many shampoos exist to wash the skunk-funk off your pooch, but for isolated blastings, we like Skunk Insurance by Triple Pet. Spray this on the affected area, wait 15 minutes for it to break down the skunk oils, and the smell’s gone for good. $8.50-$12, depending on size;

L.A.-based Dogswell makes all-natural dog treats loaded with health-boosting benefits, from flaxseed and vitamins for healthy skin and fur, to glucosomine and chondroitin for hips and joints, to mint and parsley for clean teeth and better breath. Options include Happy Heart, Happy Hips, Vitality, Breathies, and Mellow Mutt (hyperactive-lab owners might want to stock up on the latter). $9 per six-ounce bag;

We laughed out loud when the P.U.T.S. Pooper Scooper arrived at the O/B office—it looked like a kid’s toy, or some kind of gardening implement. Use it, though, and its virtues become apparent. Oversized claws snatch up the dog-doo; a quick tie of the integrated bag and you’re done. You won’t see us carrying this goofy gadget around Cooper Park, but at home it sure beats the standard grocery-bag routine. $20;

A good dog deserves a good bed, and we tried three models for three different scenarios. The Ruff Wear Mt. Bachelor Pad ($50-$60; is the perfect mobile bed—it rolls up tight for transport, yet provides decent cushion and warmth for hatchback and campsite alike. The Bowser Bed’s ($25-$44; or moderate size and “high-pile” berber fleece make it a perfect all-around bed for home use, crate transport, or when dropping your pup at a friend’s house for the weekend. And for total pooch-pampering, pick up the king-sized Urban Sprawl, also by Ruff Wear ($75-$150; This beast of a bed is over 6” thick, has a suede sleeping surface, and sports a waterproof base. With this bed, you may have to beg your canine buddy to get up in the morning.