Spring Cleaning

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the City of Bozeman, and many other partners are working this summer to fix problem areas on trails around town. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

Sourdough Gets a Facelift
After installing a vault toilet and expanding the parking lot last fall, Sourdough Canyon Trailhead will get another facelift this fall when GVLT and partners create a turnaround for large vehicles, further expand the parking, improve the entry road, and restore a section of Sourdough Creek. This work dovetails with the city’s plans to rebuild the water-intake system approximately a half-mile up the trail. The parking area and trail may be closed for a few days a week from August to November during construction.

Regional Park Connections
Look for brand-new trails connecting the Gallatin County Regional Park with the Main Street to the Mountains trails. Two new trails are being constructed this summer from Oak Street to the core of the trail system. Over a mile of trail will loop around two fishable lakes with a covered bridge in the middle. Amphitheatre Hill offers a great view of the area and is a super place to sled in the winter. The dinosaur playground is a real draw for the younger crowd, and dogs are allowed to romp off-leash—if they behave themselves. A grant from the Recreational Trails Program is funding this project; the Gallatin County Parks Department is graciously providing a match.

Going to the Dogs
The City of Bozeman recently made enforcing dog policies one of its top priorities for the next year. Dogs and poorly trained owners seem to generate more complaints than any other trail-related issues. Clean up after your dog, and remind others to do so as well. Keep your dogs on leashes if they are aggressive toward people or other dogs, chase wildlife and livestock, or don’t respond to voice commands. Don't destroy new trail opportunities for all of us.

Gary Vodehnal is the trails program coordinator at GVLT. For more information or to join the trail maintenance projects, visit gvlt.org.