Spring 2011 Contests

2011 Photo Contest

Offering new camera gear, free booze, cold hard cash, and too many gift certificates to count, the Outside Bozeman Photo Contest is back once again, bigger and better than ever. Last year’s contest brought in over outdoor 3,000 images across all categories, which include action/sports, outdoor lifestyle, landscape/scenic, and nature/wildlife. Photographers of all levels are welcome—there are amateur, professional, and youth divisions—so get outside and start shootin’. And if cash and outdoor gear isn’t enough motivation, try this: the winners in each category will have their work showcased at WildWestPhotos.com, an online stock photo service. This could be your big break into a glamorous (and underpaid) career in outdoor photography. And as usual, all winners and runners-up will have their images published in the fall issue of Outside Bozeman. Best of all, even if you don’t win, you’ll get an invitation to our (in)famous Photo Contest Party in the fall—which is a guaranteed good time (unless you require caviar and white-gloved waiters to have a good time; in that case we suggest you opt for a Mediterranean cruise or join the Yellowstone Club). For more info and complete contest details, visit outsidebozeman.com. Good luck!


Best Snow-Covered Car

Having your car hopelessly buried in a snowbank has finally become a good thing. This year’s best snow-covered car photo comes from Dan Wycoff, showcasing a nearly unidentifiable set of work trucks hidden under several feet of mushroom-shaped snow. Runner-up Katie Alvin sent in her neighbor’s VW van buried from Big Sky’s massive November storms. For his winning image, Dan gets a brand new pair of Mountain Khakis, scoring a sweet pair of pants, fame, and glory for his several minutes of hard work.