Outlook - Spring 2014

The big thaw starts slow. Warm weather and sunshine soften the high mountains and a season of accumulation begins to morph beneath the changing elements.

Growing heat torments the frozen landscape. Awakening a sterile world, the transition begins as winter lets go—sending water down below.

Under snow bridges and logjams, the chilling moisture falls fast, filling up banks and basins and pulsing down through hillsides like blood to a waking extremity. 

Rain joins the show, falling freely, collecting and gathering in creeks and drainages, filling them to capacity.

Rushing through constrictions, the water tumbles past ledges and careens over edges without hesitation.

And as it charges down, bouncing and turning toward rivers below, we too wake up with the warmth of the new season—climbing into the flow just to see where it will go.