Onyx Bindings and Shogun Boot

Trusting four tiny pins to hold each boot in place in my new bindings took some getting used to. But that is exactly what I do when riding the Garmont Shogun and G3 Onyx. This was my first touring setup, and I really lucked out. Pairing up the Shogun’s ultracomfortable, lightweight design with the Onyx’s state-of-the-art innovation results in an efficient and dependable boot/binding setup. I soon learned to trust the Onyx’s ability to hold onto me, and the Shogun’s ability to steer.

Turns out, both pieces of gear are super tough as well. I tested both to the limits when I fell off a cliff at Slushman’s that ended with broken ribs and a bruised lung. My body might have let me down, but the gear never did; I skied out and was back on the hill within the week. Available at Barrel and Northern Lights. $560; g3onyx.com and $660; garmont.com.