Omega Pacific Link Cam

I started out your average dirtbag climber, only able to afford a set of stoppers. They were a little awkward, and more work than I’d like, but they got the job done. Then I bought my first cam. It opened up a brand new world: quick, satisfying, and I thought it couldn’t get any better. Until I got a brand new set of Link cams. Omega Pacific really hit a homerun with this piece, and regular cams will forever feel like third base (you know what I mean).

After just my first trad route in Mill Creek, I was blown away. Finding the right size of cam can be frustrating, but with the Link cam, plug it and go. Featuring revolutionary engineering, it utilizes trisected, hinged cam lobes that essentially unfold as you pull the trigger, allowing for a massive range. For example, the #2 link cam covers the range of three Black Diamond cams. You might be reasonably skeptical (as I was), but one trip to the crag with these babies and you’ll be a believer. Available at Northern Lights. $95-$105, depending on size;