O/B Blunders

Well it was about time—we hadn’t made a mistake in several issues, so we went for broke and committed a whopping four editorial errors in the summer issue. Yep, we’re human after all.

First off, the website we listed for the Big Sky PBR Rodeo (page 85) goes to a nightclub in Kansas City called, coincidentally, PBR Big Sky Cowboy Bar. The correct website is explorebigsky.com/bigskypbr (our fact-checkers will be flogged). Just for the record, “Big Sky” refers to the great state of Montana, not Missouri—get it straight, flatlanders. 

Adept reader Kevin Reichard caught another gaffe, from the “Bozeman V. Duluth” article on page 16. He notes, “The Summit Brewing Company isn't located in Duluth; it’s in St. Paul. By the way, Fitger’s Brewhouse, which IS in Duluth, blows anything in Bozeman out of the water, as does Thirsty Pagan in Superior. And Lake Superior Brewing is also quite good. Otherwise, speaking as someone who spends a lot of time in both cities, your assessment is correct. You arrived at the right conclusion with the wrong facts.” Nice catch, Kevin—and kudos for your proper semicolon usage. 

In “Bear in Mind” (page 58), we wrote that the active ingredient in bear spray is Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), an oily substance derived from the same peppers used in spicy foods. Actually, the active ingredient is capsaicin and related capsaicinoids—though some people, and even some bear-spray manufacturers, use the terms interchangeably. Splittin’ hairs, sure; but accuracy is important. Thanks to Chuck Bartlebaugh of the Center for Wildlife Information for the heads-up.

Finally, our description of the Madison-Gallatin chapter of Trout Unlimited (page 25), that quoted the TU homepage, listed Bud Lilly and Dan Bailey as founders of this excellent organization. Thanks to longtime outdoor writer Jim Derleth for pointing out that it was actually a group of somewhat less well-known—though equally conservation-minded—gentlemen, including Bob Tusken, Chuck Sloan, John Mest, Mike Cole, Frank Valgenti, and Mr. Derleth himself.