Jannu Lo Lady-LOWA

When spring finally arrives and you’re itching to get outside for some early-season activity, a good pair of hiking boots is a must. Enter the Jannu Lo by Lowa—easily the best light-hiking boot I have ever worn. The shoes are really comfortable and well-made. When hiking up Sypes Canyon for the first time this year, my feet stayed warm and dry and the support was awesome. The Vibram sole definitely made a difference. They’re also stylish, so I wear them around town too, which saved me from falling on my butt a few times this past winter. This shoe won Outside magazine’s Gear of the Year award for 2006, for good reason—Lowa put a lot of thought into these boots. They have split leather uppers, a leather lining, and mesh, making the shoe extremely durable, but also breathable. $125; lowaboots.com.