Yakima SkyBox NX 16

There's nothing better than getting the crew together for a camping weekender. In go the tents, sleeping pads, the cooler, the camping box, then everyone's gear. And just like that, the back of my SUV is packed full, leaving not much room for passengers or doggos. Sigh... I suppose we can bring another car. And what are those muddy hiking boots doing hanging out on my pillow?

With Yakima's SkyBox NX 16 ($749), I no longer have to play SUV tetris. Whether I'm camping, floating, or on a road-trip, I have an easy-to-access home for muddy hiking boots, wet PFD's, and sweaty helmets, keeping me organized and ready to explore. Not only am I ready to go when there are plans in the books, but having an traveling outdoor closet also keeps me ready to go on any spontaneous endeavors that may come about. For the remainder of the fall, I'll have my hiking boots, rain coat, extra fleece, first aid kit, and a spare leash for my pup ready to go at any time. 

The SkyBox sits firm atop Yakima's JetStream crossbars ($270), secured on with Yakima's TimberLine Towers ($275). The teardrop design of the crossbars makes them more aerodynamic, so they ride atop quietly and don't suck down my gas tank. Gone are the days of blasting music to override the sound of wind screeching between the old ski rack. Installing the towers and crossbars took no more than an hour. Yakima's instructions make it easy as can be, regardless of how handy of a person one is.

Adding and removing the SkyBox is simple, as it smoothly slides from one side to another and can be opened from either side. I have mine adjusted so it sits closer to the drivers side. I can even fully open my hatch-back without a bump to the cargo box. Besides the inside of my car looking spick-and-span, I hardly notice the SkyBox is there at all. 

All products available online; $270-$749.