Review: Topeak Bike Repair Stand

For far too long, I used to flip my bike upside down or lean it against a wall in my garage while conducting at-home repairs. The practice worked alright for a few basic fixes, but certainly left more to be desired when I’d really start getting into things. But this summer, I finally picked up a Topeak Prepstand Elite bike-repair stand. After only a couple months of use, I can verify that this tool is essential for any would-be home bike mechanic. So far, it’s been everything I could ask for from a bike stand.

Of all the stand clamps I’ve used in the past (in buddies’ garages), Topeak’s is by far the most straightforward. The clamping mechanism is also one of the most important aspects of a bike stand, and can be the difference between a quick, smooth fix and sustaining further damage from a scratched dropper stanchion or frame. With Topeak’s design, I can easily rest my entire bike frame horizontally in the clamp or turn the whole mechanism 90-degrees and clamp it vertically to my seat post. Either way, the rubber-reinforced non-marring jaws hold my bike tight without leaving any scratches. The stand and arm also rotate and spin, so I can get just the right angle. And, with a 55-pound weight capacity, bulky bikes are no problem at all.

One of my favorite features about the stand is the small bin on the top arm. It’s the perfect place to store loose nuts and bolts while I work, especially since I have a tendency to lose small things as soon as I pull them off my bike. I threw on the tool tray (sold separately) as well, and I’ll never misplace another tool or screw again. Finally, everything folds down nicely and fits right into the included carry bag for easy transportation. Why didn’t I do this sooner?