Review: Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Homemade, woodfired pizza making just got a whole lot easier with the Pi Dual Fuel Essential Bundle from Solo Stove. No more fumbling over the BBQ, trying to keep the crust from burning while the cheese won’t melt. The centerpiece of the bundle is the Pi Dual Fuel Pizza Oven. Operating on either propane or wood, this little thing gets ripping, reaching temperatures in excess of 600 degrees. Switching fuel supplies is also pretty damn simple. Also included in the Bundle are a stainless pizza peel for getting the pie in and out of the oven; a stainless turner, so you can easily rotate the pizza and not burn the sides; a thermometer, to track the temp of the oven; a pizza cutter; and a weather-resistant cover. Once I figured out the trick to get the pizza off the peel and into the oven, my only limitation was the toppings. The oven can be used to cook other meals as well, utilizing cast-iron skillets. Can anyone say pheasant pot pie? The oven is also quite compact, making it an easy item to pack for a weekend car-camping trip. Whether I’m in the backyard or the campground, woodfired pizza will be on my menu. $540;