Review: SMITH Guide's Choice

Few things are more essential to an enjoyable outdoor experience than a good pair of sunglasses. This is even more true during summer in the mountains, so I sprung for a new pair this year and ended up with the Guide’s Choice from Smith. These glasses use Smith’s patented ChromaPop technology, which means you’ll be seeing the world in colors that the human eye doesn’t really pick up, which is cool—but it does make life without the shades a little boring. The coverage around your eye is great, meaning no more headaches once you’re up above treeline or out on the water all day. The downside of full coverage is less venting, so these aren’t a great option for high-output activities like biking; but they’re ideal for fishing, camping, or around town. Available at the River's Edge, Bozeman Angler, Round House, and Montana Troutfitters. $259;