Review: Nomad Adventure Journals

If you’ve ever tried to sift through your foggy memory to recollect the details of a past outdoor excursion—which fly you used, where that bear den was, or the extra cam you wish you’d had on that gnarly crack climb—then it’s time to accept the limits of your sun-baked brain and start writing stuff down. Which is where Nomad Adventure Journals come in. With activity-specific journals covering everything from bird-watching to paddling, these handy notebooks are small enough to stash in a cargo pocket and burly enough to take a beating: two important virtues for any piece of summer gear. I like the climbing journal; it’s got spaces for everything from route descriptions and gear used to guidebooks and GPS coordinates. No more hauling my entire rack to the same rock twice; with a quick glance I can pare it down to the essentials. All the journals are organized well and offer ample room for general notes. The optional carrying case provides protection from the elements and a holder for that one accoutrement you don’t want to forget: a pen. $9-$25.