Review: Motorola Talkabout

Modern cell phones may have rendered two-way radios rare, but certainly not obsolete—when’s the last time you whipped out your $400 iPhone in a rainstorm? For harsh weather, remote locations, and emergency situations, the Motorola Talkabout is what you need. Completely weatherproof, with a built-in flashlight and a range of up to 35 miles, this durable device can be stashed in a glove box, backpack, or dry bag for quick, worry-free deployment. A reliable red light provides after-dark use without ruining your night vision. No, the Talkabout won’t take pictures or pump the latest pop beats, but who cares? When you’re deep in the woods, far out at sea, or getting drenched in a hurricane, Shakira’s new single should be the last of your concerns. Available at Bob Wards. $90;