Review: Mad Cow Metal Works

Mad Cow beats hungry bear.

Specializing in dry boxes, custom panniers, and boxes for gear, Bozeman’s own Mad Cow Metal Works recently received certification as the only box manufacturer on the market that’s both bear-proof and waterproof. To get this certification, they sent a sample box down to the Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. Once it was slathered in peanut butter and filled with fish guts and dog food, the box had to stand up to one full hour of abuse from the seven bears, including the 1,200-pound Kodiak named “Sam the Destroyer.” After jumping on the box, smashing it against rocks, and trying to pry the lid off with four-inch claws, the box remained intact—proving that whatever you put in your Mad Cow box will stay safe and sound, not matter what. For sizes and pricing, check out