Review: Little Griddle Sizzle-Q

In the summer, grilling meat outdoors is mandatory—but what about fish, potatoes, and mixed veggies? Do you really want to be running back and forth from kitchen to patio, frantically trying to monitor each station, and, in the process, forgetting where you put your tasty adult beverage? Enter the Sizzle-Q, a compact grill-top griddle that allows you to cook everything from bacon and eggs to fajitas, all while leaving room on the grill for your standard burgers and brats. We broke out this baby for a spring party, grilling bacon for the burgers and asparagus for the herbivores—both were a hit. Cleanup was easy; the Sizzle-Q came clean with a quick scrape, spray, and swipe. With sidewalls to contain errant grub and a grease trough to snag all the runoff, this 14-gauge, stainless-steel cooktop adds a whole new dimension to your outdoor eating. $70;