Review: Ignik Backside Heated Pad

Just when you think everything's pretty much been done, a company comes along and spins a cool new variation on an existing theme. For example, electric blankets and heating pads have been around for a long time, but the proliferation of portable power stations has birthed a new body-warmer: the Ignik Backside Heated Pad XL. This foldable foam pad is comfy, durable, and warm, providing highback thermal relief on those cold days outside. Terrific for ice fishing, stargazing, and apres-ski sessions in the parking lot, the Backside keeps your back and tail toasty—simply plug it into your favorite battery, set it in your camp chair, and take the bite out of Old Man Winter while you slurp hot cocoa in comfort. Other applications: slide it under your sleeping bag at night, or turn it sideways and share the heated seat with a friend. The Backside has adjustable heat settings and is compatible with both USB-C and 5.5mm barrel connectors, keeping your other power station ports free for additional uses; you can also get a 12V adapter and use the Backside as an aftermarket seat-warmer in your vehicle. All in all, this sucker is one luxury item that even the most spartan of campers can get behind. $130;